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Peppermint Bowl or Basket fillers!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

These Little Peppermint Bowl fillers are perfect for any bowl or basket you want to fill with a little Christmas cheer!

They are so much fun to make here is the items I used for mine...

I’m not excited about my husband’s dipping but I did find his empty cans quite useful! Lol Once they are washed out! you can use any can about the size of that can .

I got some red and white material... I actually bought a tree skirt and cut the material since i need to make serval. I’m sure you can find some at Walmart! I used Snow Tex . Glitter

and any type of ties you choose for the ends.

I cut my material about 9x8 that’s a good size to work with for this size can.

I then folded the edge and then glued it to the can.

Pretty easy !

I glued one side then the other..

Then I just ran a little bead of glue down each side to keep the material closed!

I chose the ties I wanted to use and tied them with it!

Once both sides were done I trimmed a little off each side ....

Then I added the Snow Tex with a brush while it was still wet I sprinkled it with the Glitter! That’s it !

I like to let them dry over night the snow tex will harden and you will have these beautiful Peppermints to fill any bowl or basket you want! I hope you give these a try !

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