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Recycled Plastic Tea Pitcher

When I can recycle I do ! 😀❤️

Like this Pitcher that belonged to my Tea Maker that stopped working….

I couldn’t throw this pitcher out so I transformed it into a beautiful container that is perfect for holding real or artificial flowers!

I just love how it came out !

Supplies you will need to make one yourself.

• Some type of pitcher . You can look at resale shops or even find one at a store for a low price.

• Some type of Print you would like to use . I found this one on Pinterest but there are so many you can choose from .

• Hydrangeas napkins ( or which ever one you want to use .)

I'll drop a link where I got mine .

• Mod Podge or Elmers glue

• Material for a bow

• Spray paint I used Almond color

• Clear sealer spray

• pink paint or blush

• blue paint or blue eye makeup

I printed my Bunny on regular copy paper .

These were the colors I chose to use for my pink color and eye color .

I just added a little color pink to the ears and nose .

I did use a very fine marker to draw the eye lashes and whiskers to make them a little longer! 😀

Look how adorable she looks all ready!

I added the blue to the eyes!


I used the tape to thin out the paper !

If you choose to do this step just use caution when you pull the tape off so it doesn't rip .

I like using a credit card or anything hard enough to make sure the tape is on really well!

This just makes the paper thinner so it doesn't leave such a thick edge when you decoupage it on .

Now it's ready for the last step !

I always make a lot of coffee stain solution and whatever I have left over I store in the refrigerator for the next time I need it ...

I went ahead and coffee stained the bunny with a light coat and let ot dry .

It is so cute already !

This is the color Almond spray paint I used for my pitcher.

I just gave it one coat and let it dry.

Now that my bunny is dry I went ahead and trimmed the paper away around her .

( I tore it )instead of cutting it with scissors.

She is ready to be added to the pitcher after we put the Hydrangeas napkin on .

I pulled all the layers off my napkin this one had two layers of the back paper so make sure you remove all of them.

I used Elmer's glue for this project but you can use Mod Podge too!

I applied the napkin on ...I also tore the edges of the napkin as well.

Then I applied the Bunny on with the glue.

Work in section so you don't accidentally rip it ..

Such a cutie!

I then used my coffee stain again .

I applied it to the whole pitcher front and back.

It also had a little bit of coffee grinds in it so it added to the grunge look! Which I love!

I then sprinkled some Diamond dust glitter to the bunny !

She needs to sparkle!

Here's a tip for you! I keep my glitter in salt shakers ! It makes it easier to sprinkle it on!

My bunny is sparkling!😀

Then I glued these beautiful little roses on her head!

She's adorable!

Once everything was dry I sprayed it with this Clear sealer.

While everything was drying I went ahead and made a fun rag bow .

I also love to add a little grunge to my bow so I rubbed my ink on the pieces of material I was using.

You don't have to do this but I love adding this look!

My bow is done and ready to be attached.

I tied it to the handle then added a drop of glue to make sure it didn't move .

Then I took my ink, this one is called Basil Leaf and rubbed it on the edges of my pitcher and along other areas that I wanted to add more grunge to it .

This was also the ink I used on my bow .

I love the look it gives it .

It actually transforms it to looking like a metal pitcher instead of plastic!

Love it!

I simply love how it came out !

I can't wait to put some real fresh flowers in it !

But these beautiful artificial ones will do for now! 😀

I hope you give this a try !

Here are some links for some of the items I used.

Hydrangeas Napkins


Clear Spray

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