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Revamp old Jeans with a little Foil and paint

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I love bringing things back to life and giving it a fun new twist!

like these Jeans I knew exactly what I wanted to do to them and I want to show you how easy and fun it is !

Items you will need•• • A pair of Jeans with pockets , you can also do this on a Jean shirt, a skirt or whatever you choose to do this technique on! • Foil I got mine here.⬇️

• Transfer Gel Duo I got mine here.⬇️

• an Iron for heating the foil ⬇️

• paint brush

If you choose to also do the painting then you will need some type of stencil…This is the one I used ⬇️ • white acrylic paint

once you have gathered all your supplies you are ready to have some fun !

I went ahead and laid my pants flat .. I then spread a good layer of the Transfer gel on each pocket.. Make sure you don’t get any on the outside edges of the pockets because this is very sticky….

Let it dry I used a heat gun to help it dry a little quicker .

Now you are ready to apply your Foil cut your piece a little bigger then your pocket … Make sure the pretty side of the Foil faces you ..

I got my iron it’s set on max and no steam I pressed it for about 2 to 3 mins moving my iron around… If you are nervous about putting the iron directly on the foil you can put a piece of parchment paper over it …. But I didn’t do that and it was perfectly ok.

Let it cool before you start pulling the foil off..

there you have it how cool is that ! If you want to stop here you can ….

I decided to use my stencil and paint and added these to my jeans too .. I just let it dry because it was a light coat of paint I didn’t add any medium to the paint … If you are not familiar to Medium it’s a liquid that you add to your paint so it will be soft to the touch …. But I didn’t use any …

I hope you try this you will be so impressed with the outcome! thank you so much !

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