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Salt Dough Snowman

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I love creating snowman!

They are a perfect decoration to keep out all winter all!

These Salt Dough cuties are just so much fun to make!

I know you will love them as much as I do!

Supplies you will need

• Flour

• Salt

• Water

• Mixing bowl

• Paint (Red,Black,Orange, White)

• Glitter

• Sealer

Here is the recipe I used for these adorable Snowmen!

2c of flour

1c of salt

1c of water

You will be baking them at 200 degrees for about 15 to 20 mins the time can increase depending on the thickness of your projects.. I just keep checking them every 5 mins or so ..

Mix together well add your water slowly as you mix ..You don’t want it to be runny.

Once your dough is mixed then you are ready to create your projects

In this blog I will be talking about the snowmen I made only.

Remember to add you water slowly as you mix .

You want it to form a nice dough .

You will be able to tell when it's ready .

I like to put a little flour on my counter as I'm forming my shape .

You are pretty much making biscuits shapes for the body and stacking together.

The brim of the hat I just made a flat disc shape

And the top I shaped the dough more like a tube .

It all sticks together nicely.

I popped it in the oven for the time I mentioned above.

I did shape the nose separately and baked it with the snowman but I took it out sooner .

Here it is after it was baked .

I poked a hole for the nose with the tip of a paint brush.

I also did the same with the arm holes.

I glued my nose on you can paint it before you do this but I decided to glue it in first .

I also made a smaller snowman and a bunch of ornaments too but we will focus on the snowmen in this Blog .

I went ahead and glued his arms in using some small branches.

Then I painted his body white .

I gave him some red cheeks .

They are just the cutest!

I painted his nose orange.

I painted his hat Black and painted a little red band around it.

I went a head and painted the dots for the eyes and the buttons with black .

I also dry brushed a little white on the hat .

I then used very little burnt umber paint ( brown) to give it just a little grunginess to their bodies but you don't have to do that .. but I love that look.

I then sealed them with Minwax sealer and sprinkled Diamond Dust glitter on them .

Here they are I just love them !

They are the cutest!

I did make a couple of mini Fall snowmen too! How cute!

This one is adorable too! Her hat is a dry pepper stem!

Oh my goodness the things you can create with this dough!

So get creative!

Here's my adorable family!

I have made this dough serval time I pulled some ornaments I made last year out and they look just as beautiful as when I made them !

Give these a try you will have so much fun !

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Here are some links for some items I used .


Minwax sealer

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Did this particular sealer turn anything with a yellow tint?


I have never had it turn yellow and I have been using it for years…



Adorable! I’m definitely going to make some!☃️



I have to try this they are cute



Thank you so much!! How I follow your blog?

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