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Sunflower Pincushion on a Bedspring

I love Sunflowers , Rusty Bedsprings and Pincushions so this was the perfect combination!

Even if you don’t sew this is just a beautiful piece to display anywhere really !

Supplies you will need

• Material for your flower I used left over Wool pieces I had but you can use anything you have on hand

• thin piece of cardboard

• glue gun

• Bedspring

• thread

• poly fil

You will need to cut the circles in these sizes .

Once you get them cut you are ready to begin creating your Sunflower .

These are the colors I chose to use .

I also cut two leaves .

Here is the sizes of the strips I cut .

About 14 of each .

I took my large circle and ran a gathering stitch around it .

It should look like this .

I took my 3 “ circle and then set it inside it .

Then I pulled my stitches tighter.

This is the back it won’t close all the way just make sure it’s even.

This is the front side .

I did the same thing with a smaller circle.

You should have two of these.

Then glue them together.

You want the opened area to face each other that’s how you will glue it .

Then flip your circle over and start gluing your strips .

You will glue the longer ones first .

You are folding them and gluing them on .

Once you are done you are ready for the smaller strips .

It should look like this .

Now you are ready to complete the middle circle.

Stuff your center after that you are ready to finish your flower.

I added the smaller circle to the back to help hold the stuffing in .

I went ahead and glued my center on !

I love this flower!

I love this Distress ink ! It’s Vintage photo .

I’ll drop a link for it .

I love the grunge look after applying my Distress ink. You can skip this step if you want to!

I cut my leaves out and gave it a simple whip stitch and then I stitched a run stitch down the middle .

You can sew the leaves on but I went ahead and glued them on .

I sandwiched my leaves between the petals and the base of my flower and glued them on .

I love it !

I got these springs from Amazon I’ll drop a link for these .

I put my sunflower on my spring to see where I wanted to place it .

I went ahead and sewed a few stitches around the base of the spring to the material to hold the spring on !

You can also glue it on too!

I absolutely love how this Sunflower Pincushion on a rusty bedspring came out!

It amazes me how something so simple can come to life and be transformed into something so useful!

This would make a perfect gift for someone that sews and loves Sunflowers!

This is a very budget friendly project!

I hope you give this a try.

I know you will love this project as much as I do!

Here’s another super inexpensive project for you to make!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is another perfect one!

I hope you give this Sunflower Pincushion on a Rusty spring a try!

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Happy creating!

Rusty Bedsprings

Distress Ink

Poly Fil

Thin cardboard

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