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Sweet little bird

I love birds and this project is so much fun and it’s so easy to create these Sweet little Birds!

This is such a fun project for the kiddos or even a fun crafting night with friends!

Let your imagination soar when you are creating these!

Supplies you will need:

• empty paper rolls

• paint ( I used watercolor paints for


• Hot glue

• scissors

After gathering your supplies you are ready to create your bird.

Take your roll and pinch the end and glue shut.

It should look like this .

Then on the other side you will pinch it the other way and cut a half circle before glueing you will also cut a small beak.

It should look like this .

Now you can sandwich the beak in and glue it shut .

Now you can paint it whichever way you want .

I chose watercolor paint to use for my painting but you can use whatever paint you have on hand .

He’s looking pretty cute already!

Just get creative and bring your birdie to life .

I added a white dot for the underneath part of the eye. I did use acrylic paint for this .

Once the white dried I added a little Black also acrylic paint .

I added more line work on the body and wings .

I also used my ink pad in brown to add a little grunginess to him .

How sweet are these little birds!

How adorable!

I love how these Sweet little birds came out!

They are super quick to make ! ❤️

They are the perfect project for the kiddos !

Or just a fun crafting night with all your friends!

You can get very creative with these cuties!

You will want to create serval of them for sure!

They are so easy and very budget friendly!

I hope you give them a try.

I know you will love this project as much as I do!

Here’s another super inexpensive project for you to try !

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is right up there for sure!

I hope you give these Sweet little birds a try !

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Happy creating!

Watercolor paint

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