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Grungy pumpkins

Grungy pumpkins made with Coffee Filters

I just love pumpkins and when they look all grungy I love them even more ! This is such a fun project to make ! I hope you have as much fun making them like I did!

You will need some coffee filters I got the brown or I should say tan coffee filters you can get them at Walmart , or pretty much any grocery store. Here is a referral link for the same ones I bought from Amazon

I decided on a size I wanted to make them I used a band from a wide jar Mason jar as my pattern . I traced out the circle it takes two per pumpkin.

make as many pumpkin that you want cut out your circles...

Once you cut them you want to glue them glue all the way around except for the top you want to leave a space big enough so you can stuff it can use Elmers glue or Hot Glue it’s up to you ...

you will need to stuff it not to full ... I use the Polyfill you can get at Hobby Lobby or from Amazon

Once you fill it you will want to put a stem in the hole before you glue it shut.... you can get stems for branches outside ..

Then you want to apply some watered down orange paint to your pumpkins .. I used decor art Burnt Orange .. you can use any kind you want this one is good too!

Once the orange was dry I painted some simple leaves on them and gave them a little brown line work here and there.... you can pick up these colors at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Amazon here’s a link for the brown ...

Once it‘s dry you can then add some Spanish Moss and I added a wire as a hanger .... you can stop here if you want but I went a few steps further by using a little sealer while it was wet I sprinkled cinnamon and glitter on them for that grungy look with a little sparkle these are very easy and fun to make !

These are perfect for a bowl filler or to hang on a all year round tree! Enjoy!

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2 Kommentare

10. Sept. 2020

Thank you so much I hope you give them a try !

Gefällt mir

10. Sept. 2020

These are so cute 🎃

Gefällt mir
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