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Easiest Bow You Will Ever Make!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Easiest-Bow-you- will- ever-make!

Usually the first thing I hear from people when they see something that has a bow on it is...... I can’t make a bow! Well that’s all about to change this is the easiest bow EVER! I have seen it made everywhere so get ready gather your ribbons, raffia, strips of material whatever you want to use!

Cut your strips as long as you want the longer the strips the bigger the bow....

You can also cut as many as you want you will see if you have to many when you start putting it together.

Just start crisscrossing them alternating your ribbons or whatever you are using..

I didn’t have any rafia handy but it would look really cute on top... I like to start with the wider Ribbons on the bottom .

Then I like to take a Zip Tie it’s nice and strong and holds it well, you can also use Jude or string you need to tie it in the middle then I like to cover my Zip Tie with a piece of ribbon to hide it...

Once you are done tying your bow now you want to finish off the ends by cutting them...You might first have to trim some longer pieces before doing that just look at it and see...I usually cut my ends into a V by folding the ends together and cutting it at an angle away from you.

Also if you are using ribbon with wire..

heres a little trick once you cut your V push the wire out a little on both ends and snip that off so it looks finished and the wires won’t show !

TA-DA now you have your Bow fluff it out and it’s ready to go on whatever you want it on! You can run a zip tie through the back loop where you used a piece of ribbon to cover your middle and attach it to your Wreath, Basket, etc!

I hope you have fun and make lots of these!

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