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DIY Beautiful Flower Banner

DIY Whimsical Flower Banner

I love using items I already have to create new items for my home. Especially when you are on a budget it feels so good to create something beautiful for practically nothing!

This Banner is a perfect touch to your Mantle, Wall or even across your Headboard ! I hope you are inspired to give it a try!

Here’s what you will need.

Any type of material I used up some 1/4 pieces I had purchased along time ago at Hobby Lobby. You can get bundles of them in the Material area at both Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I also used a wide roll of Lace




Hot Glue

Large and small Wooden Beads

I went ahead and cut my Flags for my banner mine were 6” wide x 10” Long I alternated my Lace Flags with my material Flags you choose what you want to do …. I think alternating them makes the Banner more fun! I cut out 7 of them … I also cut the bottom to give it the dove tail effect… Just fold in half and cut from the point at the bottom to the middle of fold at a angle don’t cut to high….

Once you have your flags done set those aside..

We are now going to make the flowers! These are so much fun to make !

Cut your stripe 4” wide x about 20” long I used 3 this length so you can cut them out now ..

Now you will need a circle cut out of the same material you are using. I used this cinnamon container to trace a circle, you can use what ever you have handy to do this … My circle ended up being 2“.5x 2”.5 wide …

Set your circle aside and now you need one of your strips and you are going to fold it down the long way and glue it together.. Use just a strip of Hot glue towards the edge . Be careful not to burn your fingers! Use finger protectors if you have some … Here’s a link for the ones I like to use!

Once you are done gluing you will need to snip the strip making little cuts all the way down these are your flower petals! Try not to cut all the way through but if you do it‘s ok ..

You are now going to start gluing it down on your circle. Start on the edge of the circle.. Go all the way around until the ends meet for your first row. Then start your next row,

you should have 3 rows with this size strips ..

You are gluing it around the center to create your petals .

Just keep going until you finish your last round .

For this part you will need to cut a strip 2” and fold and glue the long way like the other ones and snip it …

This is for the center of your flower. Glue along the edge .

Then snip it don't go all the way to the top just stay a little below your edge .

This time you will be rolling this up as you give it a little glue ..

This will be the center of your flower .

You will then glue that in the middle of your flower!

There is your first flower! How adorable is that ! I do have to give credit to DIY Dreaming! for this project since I did see her making one ! I thought I just have to try this! Everyones always comes out unique and different! I made 3 of these flowers for my banner .

I measured my Jude and cut a little extra to make sure I had enough my banner was 5ft long so I cut about 6 ft of Jude …

then I put my first set of beads on there and I made a loop on the end of my Jude for a hanger..

Here’s a link for the beads I used !

There is such a great assortment!

Then I started gluing my flags by folding over an edge over the Jude cord and gluing, alternating them and putting my beads between each one..

I love this look !

Then I glued my flowers on my solid flags .

I used some ribbon and buttons to embellish the lace flags.

I love this lace ribbon I put this one on the solid flags.

I added this pretty ribbon on my Lacey flags. Use what you have on hand !

That's what makes them unique and different!

I love Buttons ! Don’t you? I also embellished them with buttons !

Be careful when gluing anything on lace not to burn your fingers and work on an area that is protected...

I glued these on with Hot Glue .

I tied ribbons on each end.

That's it !

It turned out so beautiful!

This Banner would also be perfect celebrating Weddings or Baby Showers even Birthdays just by changing out your color of materials!

I hope you have just as much fun making this Banner as I did!

I hope you get creative and give this a try !

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