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Decoupage Bird cage sign

I love Spring and all the beauty it brings !

I am a big bird watcher so usually any thing with birds on it always catches my eyes like this beautiful print from Decoupage Central!

I immediately knew I needed to create something with it ! 😀

I hope you get inspired as well!

Supplies you will need.

• board I used a Cutting board I picked up at Family Dollar Fall item sale .

• Prints from Decoupage Central

• Elmers clear glue or Mod Podge

• embellishments of your choosing

• Brown wax

• paint to base coat your board I used white acrylic paint.

Here are the two prints I decided to use !

Both are from Decoupage Central!

I split the paper in half then I tore the edges before glueing them down .

First I glued the top one and then the bottom one!

Then I glued the print in the middle!

I love this layered look!

Once everything was dry I sanded along the edges to remove the access paper .

I love the two different prints I used .

The stripe print blends so well with the other one!

I love using this Brown wax to grunge up my sign .

A little goes a long way .

I just added the wax around the edges of the sign .

I also used a rubber stamp I have with wording on it to stamp here and there on the sign also .

These roses are just so easy to create !

I used some socks I had coffee dyed and cut them into 2" strips .

I twisted them as I added just a little touch of hot glue as I created the circle!

Make them ahead so you have a nice stash of them for other projects!

I love how these Roses look!

Well here it is so beautiful and whimsical!

I just love it !

I hope you give this beautiful sign a try!

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

Decoupage Central

White socks to grunge up

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