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Pumpkin made with Chalkboard

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I just love Pumpkins!

They just make me happy! Especially this cutie right here!

You will want to create serval of these !

It doesn’t take much to create him ‘

Here are the supplies you will need


• One chalkboard get what ever size you want .

I got this one at Family Dollar for a dollar .

• For the base I had a piece of wood in my scape pile that fit just right …

•Look around and see what you can use !

•These chalkboards are light weight so I’m sure you will find something to use as a stand !

• You will need a piece of scrapbook paper or even a page from a book ..

• a template for your pumpkin face

I got this one from Etsy

I’ll drop the link below!

• A stem remember to dry your pumpkin stems once you are done with them so you can use them for your projects! You can also dry the stems on peppers too!

• Orange Paint

• Brunt umber Paint

I ran my paper through my printer and printed my Face on it .

This is where I got my print from !

I cut my paper to fit the inside of my board .

I used Burnt Orange as my color.

I painted all around my board.

I also painted my stand.

I applied a coat of Mod Podge and applied my scrapbook paper with my pumpkin face printed on it!

So cute!

I then hot glued my base on.

I waited to paint the rest until I had it glued together! I felt that it held better with the plain wood against each other oppose to having paint on it …

Looking pretty cute!

I finished painting it then antiqued it with a little Burnt Umber.

I glued my stem on .

I did lightly sand the edges .

I also made a fun bow using some Raffia, ribbons and a little moss then hot glued it on !

I then glued some cute little pumpkins on! I love using these!

I’ll drop a link below for that too! 😀🎃

I sprayed some sealer and sprinkled a little copper colored glitter by the stem!

I then gave the whole thing a light coat of sealer as well !

So there you have it how cute is this!

Perfect for your window sill, counter top, mantle pretty much anywhere you want to display this cutie!

I hope you give him a try !

Make sure you post a picture to the crafting group so we can see !

Crafting group info on Facebook Creating with The Twirling Feathers

Link for little pumpkins

Where you can purchase the Digital Pumpkin


SvgVectorMonster Etsy shop

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