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Valentine Heart

I love creating hearts especially when you layer them it adds demention and it's just plan fun to create !

This heart is very inexpensive to make .

Here's a list of supplies you need


•a texture tile from Family Dollar

• material


• letter blocks

• tag

• a little bling

I went ahead and cut a heart from my cardboard and from my material..

I then cut my smaller heart from the Texture Tile.

You can cut your hearts at any size you choose!

Just make sure your front heart is smaller then the back one ...

I used Mod Podge to stick my material to my cardboard.

Let it dry .

I went ahead and painted my other heart .

I used a little Brown to give it a grudge look!

Look how cool it's looking!

I always love keeping a jar of my coffee mix on hand to use to create that grunge look!

The mix consists of brewed coffee, cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla extract.

I use this mixture to give things a grudge look!

I applied some of the mixture to the material!

Let it dry .

I went a head and glued my blocks and the other heart.

I picked out some ribbon to tie around my hearts.

I made my tag ... I glued a piece of newspaper on my tag.

I usually also grunge up serval tags and keep them on hand I also carry them in my Etsy shop.

I used my heart stamp to embellish my tag.

Love how this tag came out!

I went ahead and used rusty wire for my hanger .

I used a button to embellish my ribbon.

I attached my tag to the ribbon and that's it !

Look how pretty this turned out!

These hearts are great for your mantle or just about anywhere in your home !

I truly hope you give these a try !

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