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Vintage Tassels

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I love creating with Ribbons, Lace, old door knobs, keys all these things just scream out to me ..... So of course I had to put them all together to create this beautiful Tassel

Supplies you will need .... Ribbon



Cabinet knobs or Door knobs


Nuts bolts

A old lock

Pretty much anything you want to add to your tassel

Ok now you want to pick what ribbons lace etc you want to use .... There is no set amount, you choose how full you want it to be ! The length of the tassel will also determine where you want to use it so I don’t trim anything until I know where I want to hang it....

So once you are done take a piece of your twine and tie it in the middle! Give it a couple of two good tight knots!

Once you are done now you are ready to add your Door Knob, Wooden spool , or what ever else you were planning to use as the top of your Tassel! I used this beautiful knob... I fed my twine ends up through the hole...

I then decided to add a fun wooden spindle that came off of the top of an old Lamp I had...

To make it easier to feed my ends of twine through the hole I taped the ends together!

I then gave it two good secure knots on top ....

I also then created a loop on the remaining twine to be able to hang my Tassel ....

I then proceeded to add all my fun treasures like my keys , little lock , wooden spool and whatever else I decided to add on !

I hung mine off this chalkboard I have that I use to write uplifting messages on in the bathroom.... at that point I then trimmed mine! I love my Tassels long and flowing but you can make them whatever length you like!

I hope you too are inspired to create some of these they are simply wonderful!

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Creating with The Twirling Feathers

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Angie George
Angie George
Aug 20, 2022

So pretty💜

Aug 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!

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