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Wind chimes made with cans.

I am always so excited when I create a new project!

I see it in my head and I quickly transform it into reality!

Like this beautiful Wind chime!!

Then I get even more excited knowing that I’m going to show it to y’all!

Here’s the Supplies you will need :

• 3 different size cans

• prints you want to use . I used Prints from Decoupage Central

• wire

• Wooden beads

• scissors

• Hot Glue

• Minwax satin sealer

• textured tile or textured wallpaper if you choose to add this texture to your can

• material or ribbon for bow

• white or ivory paint you can use whatever brand you have on hand.

•Elmer’s clear glue

• Dixie Bell wax Brown

I went ahead and made a hole on the top of each can for the wire to run through it .

I decided to add this textured tin Faux tile on one of my cans . You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to .

I picked up these tiles awhile back from Family Dollar.

I just look the look it creates .

It changes the whole look of the can !

I then painted all three cans in this Ivory color . Just so when I added the prints they would show up nicely.

I only applied one coat of paint on each one including the textured tile can.

I let them dry all the way .

I picked out the prints I wanted to use.

These are all from Decoupage Central!

They always have such a wonderful selection!

I tore all the edge and was ready to glue them on my cans!

I love this dragonfly!

I glued everything with Elmer’s glue!

This butterfly was fun to I had to use her as well!

They all came out so pretty!

I of course had to grunge them up !

I used my favorite Dixie Belle Wax in Brown!

This step is your choice!

I ran my wire through each can .

I added the wooden beads in between each one .

This is a tricky part just play with it a little until they are spaced how you want them .

I twisted the wire around each bead to keep them in place .

Here it is I love the grunginess and the spacing of each can !

I took my material and made my bow . You can use ribbon if you want to instead .

I just looped my material back and forth to create the bow .

I also used this fun crackle rubber stamp to add a little more detail to the cans .

When everything was dry I gave each can a light coat of my favorite sealer Minwax satin !

Here it is so beautiful!

I love it !

I absolutely love how this Wind chime made with recycled cans came out !

It amazes me how 3 simple plan ole cans can come to life and be transformed into this beautiful Wind chime !

These are perfect to hang anywhere it will be protected from the weather since you are using paper prints .

Even though I sealed it you still need to keep it in a covered area like your porch .

This is so easy and budget friendly!

I hope you give this a try.

I know you will love this project as much as I do!

Here’s another super inexpensive project for you to make!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is another perfect one!

I hope you give this Wind chime a try !

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Happy creating!

Prints available here

Decoupage Central

Wooden beads

Minwax satin

Dixie Belle wax brown

Crackle rubber stamp

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