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Wreath Holder

I love displaying Wreaths and Signs through out my home!

Outside as well!

So I had to make this Holder!

It’s perfect for displaying on the counter, shelf or mantle!

I pretty much had everything on hand and you probably do as well!

Here’s what I used….⬇️

I used a wooden circle for the bottom which I bought a while back at Family Dollar.

It measures about 4 inches x 4 inches

I used a 4x4 piece of wood left over from a previous project.

I used a Drawer knob for the top. You can use anything for the top even the top of a perfume bottle! ( think outside the box)

I also used a really pretty hook I had actually bought a few year ago!

Remember you don’t have to have the exact things I used….. just try to get things that will give you the same idea …. That’s the fun of creating!

Here is a view of how thick the circle I used is ! These were in the wood section at Family Dollar for only $1.00 wow!

I used the wood glue along with a little Hot Glue to help hold it to the bottom of the 4x4.

Just a side note this is pretty great glue! Here’s a link where I got it in case you want to try it!

Once that’s done you are ready to glue the Spindle to the top of the 4x4 …Then the knob to the top using the same steps …. A little wood glue and Hot Glue.

Remember if you come across old chairs at resale shops or anything that has spindles make sure you pick them up to use them !

I love those types of finds!

I base coated everything in Black use what ever brand you want !

Once the black was dry I covered it with my Home Made White Chalk paint !

You can use whatever paint you like …. I didn’t cover it solid… I left some black showing…

If you want my recipe for the Chalk paint let me know !

Then I gave it a good sanding ….

I then sprayed it with a clear finish!

I then attached my hook!

I just love how it looks!

There you have it !

I just love this holder!

You must give it a try 😀

I know you will love it!

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