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Decoupage Angel Print on washboard

I love venturing into resale shops . You never know what you will find !

One of the items I always search for are washboards .

I found this one and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

I had this beautiful Angel Rice paper from Decoupage Central and I knew it was perfect for this project!

Supplies you will need:

• Some sort of Rice Paper Print ( I'll drop the link to Decoupage Central you will find a ton of beautiful prints at great prices)

• Acrylic paint I used Antique White

• Washboard search resale shops, garage sales, Antique shops

• ribbon for bow

• Artificial greenery

• Modpoge or Elmers glue

• Hot glue

• Minwax sealer

• Sno Flock

• Glitter

I took my Antique white paint and painted my washboard.

It had a burgundy color on it already so I knew once I painted it that was going to sand some of the antique white off to let that Burgundy show through.

I set it aside to dry which didn't take long at all since I only applied one coat of paint .

I then took my print and proceeded to cut it down by ripping the edges .

I like using a water pen to do this but you can also wet a paint brush and do the same thing .

By wetting it as you go it makes it easier to tear the rice paper where you want it . Works like a charm each time !

I wanted a piece for the top part of my board to . I was able to use most of my print !

I chose to use Clear Elmers glue to place my paper on my washboard, but you can use whatever adhesive you like .

Look how pretty! I love this Angle print !

I then lightly sanded my washboard to let that Burgundy show through!

I took my Bowdabra and made a loopy bow .

Even though I can make bows without this tool it sure is handy and frees up your hands while making your bows and it's fun to use !

I glued my bow on with Hot Glue !

I then added my greenery I glued it in place with hot glue .

I had some Sno Flock so I used that for my snow.

In order to use this you first need to spray your greenery lightly with water .

Then you sprinkle your Sno Flock then you spray it lightly with water again that will cause your Sno Flock to set and harden.

For my final step I took my Minwax sealer and gave my print a light coat and then I sprinkled some Diamond dust glitter!

There you have it so beautiful!

I'll drop some affiliate links for some of the items I used .

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

Decoupage Central

Sno Flock

Minwax sealer


Diamond Dust glitter

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