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DIY Christmas tree made with Baby food jars

I love creating and experimenting with all sorts of items !

I also love incorporating twinkle lights everywhere in my home ! I love the warm glow and feel it brings!

So this Baby Food Jar Tree was the perfect addition to my kitchen!

It's super easy to create you just need a few things.



  1. Baby Food Jars (I used the glass ones..)

  2. A set of battery operated twinkle light or the plug in rice lights ( but get a short strand so you dont have to many twinkle lights to push through each jar ...

  3. E-6000 glue

  4. Hot Glue

  5. Small crocheted or Lacey doilies

Now you are ready to start putting it together!

I removed all my labels from the jars!

They actually came off pretty easy!

On a side note I did get Banana, Blueberry and Apple baby food.....

I figured I could make some type of Banana bread with it or incorporate into some smoothies...Since I don't have any little ones still on baby food!

I did get my baby food jars at Dollar General they were about $1.10 each .

I lined them up the way I wanted them to be so I could figure out how I wanted to glue them .

Then I got all my lids and I drilled a hole in the middle of each one ..

Here's a little trick I love to use especially if I'm drilling something like this on my kitchen counters! ( it was raining this day so I didn't want to work in my shop)

I got an empty vitamin bottle and left the lid on it .

I placed my baby food jar lid on top and drilled my hole ! 😀 it helps you keep the lid off your counter as you drill!

( my hubby was very happy about that!)

I did all my lids!

Now you need your E-6000 and your hot glue .

I like to put some E-6000 and a little hot glue to each jar as I put them together to help hold it in place while the E -6000 dries it creates an excellent bond!

I like to start at the bottom of the tree and work my way up!

I also like to put all my lids on as I'm gluing them together.

Just keep working your way up !

look how cute! 🌲

Once you are done gluing your tree together you can now glue your dollies on to the front !

That is just so cute !

I just glued each one with a little Hot Glue !

You are now done with your tree!

You can let it dry over night so the E -6000 is dry all the way through !

Now you can add your lights ! 😀

I went ahead and tried to evenly pushed the lights through each hole !

Mine is battery operated so I can pretty much put this tree anywhere!

But I'm loving it on my kitchen counter right now!

There you have it !

It's just so adorable!

I hope you give this fun project a try!

Please post your pictures to our crafting group on Facebook if you do!

Creating with The Twirling Feathers

Here are was links below of some of the items I used !


E-6000 glue

( you can also get at Family Dollar, Walmart ,Hobby Lobby)

Twinkle lights

You can also get at Walmart, Hobby Lobby , Family Dollar

Crocheted mini doilies

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