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DIY Firecracker

Firecracker blog

I love creating for every holiday.!

Even if it’s a small piece of decor to go in any room of the house it just makes it feel festive and welcomes in each New Season!  like this fire cracker that I created!

It was so easy to make and best of all I had everything I needed to create it!😀

I used a scrap piece of wood, some corrugated cardboard, a piece of a wire hanger, some strips of material a little hangtag. I also made some trim using my hot glue technique and a mold for the trim and I created this beautiful Fun Firecracker !

Perfect for any nook in your home, porch or anywhere you want to display it!

So let me show you how I made mine so you can make a few yourself!

Supplies you will need :

  • Scrap piece of wood

  • Red white and blue paint I used acrylic and chalk paint (you can use whatever paint you choose)

  • wax candle

  • scraper of some sort

  • piece of a wire, I used a hanger I cut a piece from …or a wire of some sort that you can use to make the top of the fire cracker

  • Some scrap pieces of material

  • Some corrugated cardboard

  • hang tag

  • letters stamps

I base coated my piece of wood with white.

That’s where I use my chalk paint because that’s what was handy to me at the time , but you can use acrylic paint if you choose to.

Once it was dried I went ahead and took my wax candle and I rubbed it in different places on my board so that when I painted my other colors on top of it, I could scrape some of the paint off to give it that chippy weathered look.

I love that look!❤️

You can use any white candle even those little votive candles will work too.

Candles link


These are the colors I chose.

You can use whatever shade of these colors you like .

I went ahead and alternated my colors since I already had painted the board white that was my white stripe in between...

link for Mold I used


While my board was drying I went ahead and made my trim using my hot glue and mold .

I love making my trim this way even though you can use the clay to do this ...I just find it easy and quick to use hot glue to do my trim.

Once that was set and it was dry which only takes a few minutes I went ahead and used my white chalk paint and paint them white.

So right before I added my trim I took my scraper and scraped some paint off the board to give it that weathered look!

I then went ahead and took my trim and I added it to my board.

I went ahead and placed a strip of the trim and glued it on each white strip that was on the board and I trimmed it to fit my Firecracker!

I used some Brown paint to distress the trim .

I just love the look already !

I then used my Ink stamper to distress it some more.

I took a piece of corrugated cardboard and I went ahead and cut my star .

You can use any piece of cardboard.

Just pull that top layer of the paper off of it and it’ll also be corrugated.

If you don’t have a piece that’s already like that, (just a little Tip for you!)😀

I then brushed a little white paint on it .

Then I added a little brown with my ink stamper!

I took a paper tag that I had made a while back and attached my Star to it and added USA with my letter stampers .

I love how this tag looks!

I did those blotches by using some watercolors!

I took my strips of material and tied them around my Firecracker along with my tag and Star !

I love making a lot of these pieces ahead of time so I have them ready when I want to create something quickly and it's more fun when everything is ready to be used!

For my last step I added my piece of curly wire to the top! And that's it !

A super cute Memorial Day or Indenpence Day decor!

I hope you give this a try !

Make sure y'all are following us on Facebook for more fun and ideas!

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