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DIY Halloween Wooden Spoons

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I love using all sorts of different items to create fun Holiday decor! Like these wooden spoons! They are perfect for a fun Halloween touch! I hope you give these a try!

You will need 3 wooden spoons… I try to pick them up when ever I see them I also love making snowmen with them too! I’ll post those a little later.. so getting one with a flat edge is perfect for making Frankenstein! 😀

I also get these from Amazon here’s a link for some that I have used.

Here are the colors I chose to use …

I base coated each one for some reason the one with the flat edge looks black but it’s actually Green … My lighting makes it look darker ..

I then just drew a simple face on each one ..nothing complicated …

then I started painting them I used Black for the eyes, nose and mouth….

Then I added his two teeth and a few dots for the eye with White paint…

Then I moved on to the crow! I used yellow paint for his beak and white for the eyes and eye brows .

Then I moved on to creating Frankenstein I used black paint for his face details ..

When everything was dry I went ahead and gave it a good sanding ! You can use sand paper or you can get these sanding blocks at Home Depot Loews or Amazon… I think Walmart carries them in the hardware department also…

Here’s a link for the ones I get from Amazon

I went ahead and painted the back of each one!

Once everything was dry I went ahead and sealed it with Polycrylic protection finish…Just one coat .

I did high light Frankensteins‘ face with a little white very little …

Then I tied a little raffia with a couple of Fall leaves and a sunflower.. that’s it ! this is just so cute ! You can tuck these into a Fall arrangement or put them in a cute container on your kitchen counter! Super fun and easy to make! I hope you give these a try! Happy creating! 😀🎃

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