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DIY snowman made from a empty medicine bottle

It isn't a secret as to how much I love creating Snowmen !

When I stumbled upon an empty medicine bottle, inspiration struck instantly – a snowman was in the making. This wintertime favorite can be enjoyed all season long !

For this adorable project, gather the following supplies:

  • An empty medicine bottle

  • Fuzzy material (I opted for a cream piece of wool)

  • Hot glue

  • Artificial greenery

  • A segment of a coffee-dyed sock

  • Twine

  • Red, orange, and black acrylic paint

  • Snow Tex

  • Glitter

Step 1. peel off the label from the medicine bottle; though optional since it will be covered, I did it for a cleaner finish.

Step 2. cut a piece of fuzzy material and attach it to the bottle using hot glue.

Step 3. Wrap a section of the coffee-dyed sock around the bottle, securing it in place with glue. .

Position it the way you like .

Step 4. Then I tied it off with a piece of twine.

Step 5. I then used my red paint and lightly added some cheeks .

Step 6. I used a piece of a skewer and then painted it orange for the nose .

Step 7. Once it was dry I glued the nose on .

Step 8. I then added the eyes ,mouth and brows .So cute !

Step 9. I then used Snow Tex to add a little texture to him .

I love how he looks. 😀

Step 10. I decided which greenery to use then I glued it on the hat area .

So cute !

Step 11. I then sprinkled some glitter on him while the Snow Tex was still wet .

Look how adorable! I love him so much and I know you will too!

I hope you consider giving this project a try; I'm confident you'll enjoy it too. For more daily inspiration and fresh ideas, follow us on Facebook:

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