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DIY Tinsel pipe cleaner Christmas tree

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I love all trees! Great and Small! So I knew I had to make a tree when I found these Tinsel Pipe Cleaners! It’s super easy to make and you can make them as big or as small as you like!

Here’s what you will need

Tinsel Pipe Cleaners ( I used 3 packs there was 45 in each ) I found these at Family Dollar

heres a link for some from Amazon

You will need a dowel mine is about 12 inches…. I also got a pack of them at Dollar General in the crafting area! You can also use a nice straight branch .

You will need some sort of stand .. I used a wooden spool .. but there is a lot of options like a small clay pot, a small teapot , a cute decorative box … the list can go on and on ….

So I hot glued my dowel into a old stool I had …it still had the old thread wrapped around it so I left it on because I loved the look of it…. then I began adding my Tinsel Pipe Cleaners ..

I just simply twisted them on … one twist is enough.. I filled my dowel to the top . Then I added a little glue to the top one so it wouldn’t slip off.. Thats it super easy!

Once I had it full enough I went a head and cut each side at a angle ….So here’s where you decide how full you want your tree.. remember to cut each side even and start bigger at the bottom and go narrow at the top for that tree angle effect….start cutting a little at a time so you can decide as you cut how full it will be!

Then you can start spreading your branches apart ! I glued a snowflake to the top of mine.

You can embellish it how ever you like .. I like mine simple because to me the beauty is the tree itself! 🎄❤️🎄

This is a very low cost project! You can make so many of these to put through out your home! I just love them !

I hope you give these a try ! Have fun !

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