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DIY Top Hat made with a can and some cardboard !

I love looking at different items and seeing what I can transform it into !

Sometimes the thought is instant and I know exactly what it needs to be !

Like this adorable Top Hat!

Creating doesn't have to be expensive whatsoever!

Let me show you how I created this Hat .

Supplies I used

• one Soup Can

• a piece of cardboard

• a bowl to trace out the rim of the Hat

• pen, pencil or marker

• material

• embellishments you want to use

• Snow Tex

• Diamond Dust Glitter

When you decide which Can you want to use then from there you can choose what size bowl you will need for the size of the rim for the Hat .

I traced out my circle using my bowl from the cardboard.

Then I went ahead and cut it out .

It was the perfect size I needed.

You can use a piece of cardboard from a shipping box or any box you have handy .

I then went ahead and painted my Can and Circle Black using acrylic paint .

I did add some Corn Starch to my paint to make it thicker. I added probably a teaspoon you will need to play with it and see how much you will need .

I like my paint thick but not to stiff.

This just gives it a nicer coverage.

I only used one coat of paint on the Can and the Cardboard.

I let both of them dry .

Once dried I Hot glued it together.

I chose some material I had on hand for the band around the Hat.

I decided on how wide I wanted the material cut it out then glued it on .

I did use some white acrylic paint to highlight the black here and there !

Look how adorable it is !

I did decide to add a second piece of material to the band around the Hat .

I then started adding some greenery and embellishments to my Hat .

This is where you can get as creative as you like !

I also used some of my salt dough ornaments!

Here's the link on how I made them .

Gingerbread salt dough

Christmas Tree salt dough recipe

I glued the Gingerbread and Christmas Tree ornaments on the Hat .

Then I started gluing my greenery on .

I grabbed my Snow Tex and added a little on in different areas.

Look how cute it is all from a Can and Cardboard!

I of course sprinkled some Diamond Dust Glitter on it too!

For a finishing touch I used an old tooth brush and speckled it with some of my white paint.

There you have it I propped mine on an old wooden spool!

I hope you enjoy creating this !

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To be inspired each day !

Happy creating!

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