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Large Ornaments made with Plastic bowls

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I'm always looking for ways to create large ornaments for my Holiday decorations!

I was so excited about this project it came out beautifully!

Supplies needed:

• 4 Plastic bowls I bought these at Family Dollar

• Hot glue

• E -6000 glue

• white acrylic paint

• brown acrylic paint

• ribbon

• plastic lids

• shower curtain ring

• greenery

• Snow Tex

• glitter

• anything else you want to use for embellishment

I got the shower rings at Family Dollar.

The lids I had from empty jars .

I used E -6000 to glue my bowls together. I let them completely dry over night .

They already look pretty!

I took my white paint and painted my bowls .

I just used one coat to cover .

I painted the top and bottom .

I let them dry completely.

Then I took my brown paint and dry brushed it on I didn't cover it I just wanted a little brown here and there .

I love that look.

This is what they should look like .

I had this beautiful glass stopper from a bottle so I used it for the top of one of my ornaments!

I simply glued it on !

I took my ribbon and made a bow .

I attached it on .

I also embellished it with a Christmas ball, a salt dough ginger bread I made earlier and added a little greenery!

It's just so pretty!

The other ornament I used the lid painted it brown and dry brushed some white on it .

I only painted one coat on it too.

I glued it on my other ornament!

Then I took my shower curtain ring and glued it on the top of my lid .

Once it dried I got my Snow Tex!

I love this stuff !

I added a nice amount on it .

Then I sprinkled glitter on it .

I also added this adorable tag . I picked these up at Dollar Tree!

I decided to add a loopy bow with wool strips and rafia then added a rusty bell!

That's it ! I love how they came out I hope you give them a try too!

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Happy Crafting !

Snow Tex


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