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Loopy yarn Flower

I’m on a Flower creating kick right now !

I love love love how these Whimsical fun Loopy Flowers came out !

They are so easy and quick to make !

Here’s the

Supplies I used

• Fuzzy yarn

• piece of cardboard to make loops

• wooden beads of some sort for the center

• Twine

• skewers or artificial green stems

• Hot glue

• cardboard

Here’s the yarn I used !

I picked this particular yarn at a resale shop there was no label on them so I don’t know the name or brand of this yarn , but any fuzzy yarn would work!

I got my cardboard piece and wrapped my yarn about 21 times.

Once I was done I tied it in the middle nice and tight .

There you go!

Your flower should look like this !

I got my skewer and wrapped it with twine . I added a drop of hot glue on the top and at the bottom of the skewer to keep the twine from unraveling.

These were the wooden beads I had on hand and used for the center of my flowers!

I glued my flower on my skewer and added my bead .

I wanted leaves so I used a piece of cardboard to create them .

I freehanded some leaves and cut them out .

I then peeled the paper off the cardboard to give it a grunge look.

I then used my watercolor paint in green and gave the leaves a little color.

That’s pretty much it !

These flowers are just so beautiful!

I added these adorable Dragonflies! How cute!

I have a separate blog for them! 😀❤️.

I love ❤️ how these Loopy beautiful Flowers turned out!

They are so quick and easy to create !

I hope you give them a try.

I know you will love them too!

Such a beautiful Mother’s Day gift ! Or really for any occasion!

 They are just so beautiful and so very Whimsical!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create budget friendly projects and this one is right up there for sure!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

Similar yarn

Just a little side note about this yarn !

I actually picked up a bag of yarn at the resale shop and those fuzzy yarns were in it… there was no label on them … but I think any fuzzy yarn would work just as well…😀❤️

This one is a little different but this would make adorable loopy flowers too!

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