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Making some adorable Pumpkins from Mason Jar Bands and Lids with a simple rusty technique!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

These pumpkins are so much fun to make! They will look great on a year round tree, in a dough bowl or just about anywhere you need a touch of Fall!

Here are the supplies you will need Mason Jar Lids and Bands

you will need what ever kind of Orange paint you want to use either spray paint or acrylic . paint . For this project I used spray paint I purchased at Home Depot.

you will need jude twine.

you will need some sealer I like using miniwax

you can also use Mod Podge

or Elmers Glue

any of these will work !

Spray paint or hand paint your Lids , I sprayed mine with two Light coats and let dry all the way before handling ...

then I glued my lids to the bands.... be carful handling them because they do get warm so if you have finger protection this is a good time to use them if you choose to ...

Be carful the bands get warm ....

Once you have glued the lids to the bands you are now going to glue the bands together! they glue pretty easily...

Now you are ready to glue the Jude around the band I put a little glue to hold the beginning of the cord , then I just hit it with a little glue here and there as I wrap it around it doesn’t have to be glued everywhere just enough to hold your twine ....

Once it’s full enough you can cut it off gluing the end piece down... don’t worry if you have a lot of glue showing you will be covering it with moss...

Now you are ready for the stem I used a small branch you can use whatever you want but I think the branch gives it that rustic look ...

Now you are ready to add a little Moss

I like this one because it’s a pretty green ! you can also get at Hobby Lobby!

Now you are ready to brush on your sealer whichever one you have chosen.

Now you are ready to sprinkle the cinnamon! This is where the magic happens!

I then shake it around to cover the whole lid, and then shake off the extra cinnamon on a plate then I repeat the other side ... you can let it dry all the way through but since I get a little impatient I went ahead and covered the cinnamon with another coat of sealer but this time I dapped the sealer on instead of brushing it on .... if you don’t feel Comfortable doing this let it dry all the way before you seal it again .... this is where is will then look like it is rusty ! I have used this technique on other things that I will post at a later time ! I just love the look ! And I hope you will too!

I am dapping not brushing... because it’s still wet ...

These are just so cute!

I hope you give these a try ! You can never have enough pumpkins! My goal is to Inspire you and bring out the creativity in everyone!

I have added links to help you find items especially if you are home bond and can’t leave your home .... 😀

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