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No sew Holiday Pillow!

I love pillows!

They can brighten up any room . Especially this one !

It's NO SEW easy peasy !

You will love how quick and easy it is to make .

Here is what I used to create it !


• Two white Kitchen towels

• one pillow form

• red Pom Pom garland

• I used this pattern for the letter from Artist Sandra Malone

I'll drop the link below ..

• Hot Glue

I purchased the pattern for the lettering from here . This is very easy to paint .

I used The color True Red from Anita's but any red will do...

I went ahead and cut two tea towels to fit the size of the pillow form I used .

I'll drop the link for the pillow form at the end of project.

Here is the form it came two per package.

I then sandwiched the form between the towels and started gluing them together..

Make sure you glue the towels together and not just the pillow .

This is so very easy and quick to make !

Once you have it glued you can now trim the access off .

I still left 1/4 of an inch so I could glue the trim .

I love it so far!

I got my red Pom Pom garland and started gluing!

Just follow the edge as you glue .

That's it !

Look how adorable this is !

Keep in mind this is for decoration purposes.

If you want to make it where you can pull off the cover then you can do it that way too...

But I love quick and easy projects and that is exactly what this one is !

I hope you enjoy making some too!

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Pillow link

Red Pom Pom garland

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