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Old Chippy Bunny sign!

I love celebrating each Season and pretty much every Hoilday!

I couldn't resist creating this sign with this adorable print I created!

It's super easy and fun to make!

Supplies you will need


• A board this one I used is about 11x8 I also picked it up at Family Dollar for only $3

• The Bunny print out

Here's the link to the one I used


• Paints I used a brown Gel stain

• Green

• White

I also mixed colors to get the shades I wanted I will show you which colors I mixed .

• Baby wipes

• A plain wax candle

• Mod Podge

• A Scraper of some sort

I stained my board with this Gel Stain then I wiped it down with baby wipes .

Once it was dry I rubbed my candle on the edges and down some parts of the middle of the sign where ever I thought I might want the paint to come off .

This will make the board look nice and chippy! I love using this technique!

This is the candle I was using.. I usually pick them up at Family Dollar or Dollar General they are real easy and inexpensive to find!

I mixed a little of each of these colors to get a Tan color .

Then I painted my board with that color right over the wax that I had put on my board...

Once that dried I once again put another layer of wax rubbing it on here and there.

You are basically creating a layering technique.

Wax it again!

Then I mixed a little of this Green and White to get this shade of Green ...

Remember you can use and colors you like these are the shades I chose for this project.

Once it dried I added another layer of yes you guested it ! The wax!

For the top coat I used white .

Once it was dry then you will be able to scrape some of the paint off.

Once this coat of white dries you are ready to scrape it !

You can use a paint scaper !

Here's the one I have


Once you have it the way you want set it a side and now you can work on thinning the Bunny Print

You can get the print here...


You can also watch the video I did showing this thinning technique here with a calendar page .

Cover the back side of your print with packing tape ...

Over lay your tape just a little each time .

Also use a credit card to smooth it out and make sure it is pressed down real well .

Now start peeling the tape. Start with the last piece of tape you put down ... work slowly and be gentle not to pull to quickly so you don't rip your paper ...

I thinned mine a couple of times so it could be nice and thin...

also keep in mind you can print this bunny on any type of paper ... Like Rice Paper or a Napkin ...

Once I was done I went ahead and tore the edges and I was ready to Mod Podge it on my board.

I went ahead and also gave it a coat of Mod Podge to seal it when I was done !

I just love how this sweet sign came out !

I hope you give it a try !

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