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Primitive looking Pumpkins with a Rusty look using a Cinnamon technique!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

I just look Pumpkins the more Rusty or old looking the more I love them ! Here is what you will need to achieve this look!

Plastic pumpkins you can get them at the Family Dollar, Dollar General or order online

you will also need any type of cinnamon.

Glitter I love this kind

and some type of sealer and my favorite is Miniwax

a exacto knife

or anything you can use to cut the eyes, nose, and mouth out ....

I first cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Then if you plan on putting them on your tree and popping a light in them you can also cut a hole on the bottom as well! It’s up to you .....

Be very careful cutting these out when using an exacto knife!

Then I put a nice heavy coat of my sealer!

Then I coat it with a generous coat of cinnamon... I let it dry all the way through... then I give it a thick coat of sealer again...

While this is still wet I sprinkle it with the glitter!

My favorite part! Now just let it dry I like to hang mine ...

You might have to catch a drip every now and then and just smooth it out with your paint brush but it dries pretty quick! and there you have it such a fun project for a very low cost... They truly turn out great I just love them !

I hope you enjoy these cuties! My goal is to inspire you and bring out the creativity in everyone!

I have added links for you to be able to find these items easier especially if you are home-bond... thank you ! Happy creating !

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