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Pumpkins made with Strainers

Updated: Jun 27

I just love love love these adorable pumpkins! They are the cutest little things! I hope you give them a try!

You will need two strainers, I used the 3 inch one, you will need something to cut off the handles . This is the hardest part of this whole project! Lol I love my wire cutters these work really well . I use these for a lot of things.

then fill them with your favorite filling ! I love this pumpkin potpourri so much ! Remember to just fill one side because once you glue it together you don’t want it to full or you won’t be able to attach them together.

I used Hot Glue that worked pretty well ! I also left the feet the way they were I didn’t pull them apart because it stood up nicely.

Then I wrapped the top with Jude until it was nice and full I added a little glue at the beginning and dotted a little bit here and there as I needed it .

I then painted the screen with orange acrylic paint you can use what ever shade you like .... I did a light coat on both sides .

then I painted the Jude green again you can use any shade of green you like ..

I glued spanish moss around the top .

I added some sprigs of little berries and added a few little pumpkin and then finished it off with a cute pumpkin tag .... I used a stamper for the tag.

I hope you love doing these as much as I did!

I hope you give them a try.

I know you will love them too!

 They are just so cute! You will want serval!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m alway trying to create budget friendly projects and this one is right up there for sure!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

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1 bình luận

15 thg 9, 2020

Hello Fatima, Your crafts are awesome and I LOVE hearing Barb talk about you! Today she was showing us ornaments that you’d painted! WOW! You’re SO talented!

Also, wanted to send you an FYI for whoever does your website.

I’m a former editor and so I found a couple of misspelled words.

At the beginning, it says:

Pumpkins made with Stainers

Should be Strainers. (r)

In a paragraph it says:

Spainish moss

Should be Spanish. ( no i in between the a and the n )

I hope you don’t mind about the corrections.

Thank you for your darling crafts!


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