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Shabby Chic Flower

Updated: Jul 2

I enjoy recycling whenever I can !

With this project I was able to do just that!

I know you will have everything you need on hand as well !

The possibilities of using this beautiful Shabby Chic flower is endless!

You will be so pleased with the end result when you create yours!

Supplies you will need

• material main color

• material contrast color or ribbons

• hot glue

• large paper clip or small clothespin

• thin cardboard piece

I used a empty tissue paper roll.

• glitter

• coffee if you want to stain it a little

• scissors

• needle and thread

• bling, buttons or fuzzy wool ball for the center of the flower

Once you gather all your supplies you are ready to begin!

I used a pieces of light weight cotton material

I cut my strip about 4 ft long and about 3 “ high.

The I folded it like this about 5 times ruffly .

Once I was done I drew a half circle like this for a guide for me to cut . It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It should look like this once you get it cut.

I got my needle ready make sure you have a long enough piece of thread on it .

Then just do a slip stitch across the bottom.

Once you are done pull it together like this .

Then sew the ends together!

To make the smaller flower I took some material and I cut 8 pieces about 3”x2” .

I cut a circle from the tissue paper roll .

I folded my material then dropped a little glue to help keep it like this.

Very little just a dot or so .

Then I folded it again and added a little glue again.

I did all 8 . Don’t over think this some of mine are uneven but you really won’t notice it once you are done .

Then I started gluing them on the circle .

Here’s what you should have when you are done.

I cut another circle for the other strips of material I’m adding.

You can use ribbons or material for this part whatever you like better.

I glued them crisscross on my circle then glued it on my big flower!

Then I took my small cream flower and glued it on top!

You should have 3 layers.

Large flower.


Then small flower.

I chose to use this fuzzy wool ball for my center .

I love how this fuzzy wool ball looks in the middle !

You can embellish it whatever way you want .

You can use buttons , some bling what ever you have handy .

I then cut a larger circle .

I used a lid for my pattern.

Choose one that will fit your flower .

I cut a circle to cover the back and it gives a nice spot to add your paper clip.

I just cut a little piece of the tissue paper roll to cover part of the paper clip so it looks more finished on the back .

Here’s how the paper clip looks like .

I love that finished look!

You can also use a small clothespin instead.

I wanted to grunge it up a bit so I used some left over coffee .

I brushed the coffee on … This coffee wasn’t that strong so it’s a light coffee stain effect.

While the petals were somewhat damp I twisted them with my fingers to crinkle them up a bit .

I also added just a little glitter in the center of the flower.

I love the sparkle it gives .

That's it look how beautiful it looks clipped to this lamp !

Instant lamp transformation!

I love ❤️ how these beautiful large flowers turn out!

I'm always so excited to share how to create them with you!

I hope you get creative with making these Shabby Chic material flowers!

They will look beautiful pretty much any place you display them!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun beautiful items to add to your decorating!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

I’m always trying to create adorable budget friendly projects and this one is another perfect one!

Please make sure you are following us on Facebook for daily inspiration and crafting ideas!

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