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Star made with Paintbrushes

I love everything whimsical and creative!

I use certain paintbrush but over the years I have accumulated brushes that I don’t use anymore and I had a good pile of them so I decided to create these adorable stars with them !

This is a super easy project and I was able to recycle my old brushes !

So it was a Win Win!

Supplies you need:

• Old or brushes you don’t use anymore

• thin wire or twine

• Hot Glue

I just started building my Star adding a little glue before placing them where they needed to be .

I chose brushes that were about the same size .

They are easy to assemble and I chose to leave them the colors that they were.

You can use sticks or branches if you like .

Once they were dry I wrapped each corner with a little twine!

Easy Peasy !

I love how these stars came out !

I wrapped them with Fairy lights !

How adorable and so very Whimsical!

They are light weight and perfect to set anywhere!

They are also perfect for your seasonal tree!

It all starts just by using a little imagination and a few supplies!

These are so budget friendly!

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

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