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Star Shelf Riser

I just loved this Western Cowboy print from Decoupage Central !

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!

I had picked up this wooden star and got to work creating this adorable Star Shelf Riser .

Here's the Supplies I used

• wooden star

• cowboy print from Decoupage Central

• music paper

• clear Elmer's glue

• wooden beads

• Distrees Ink

You will love creating this!

Let's get started!

I used Elmer's glue to apply my music paper .

I tore my paper and proceeded to glue it all on !

Once I was done and it dried I sanded all the edges!

Then I took my Cowboy print and tore it into a somewhat shape of the star making sure to leave parts of the music sheet showing.

Then I glued that on too.

It's already taking shape !

I grunged up the star with a little Burnt Umber .

I watered it down and applied it all over the star .

Remember to start light when you grunge up the star.

It should look like this. .

These are the wooden beads I used !

I picked these up on Amazon!

I just glued the wooden feet underneath the star !

I love how this star is looking !

Just adding those little wooden feet make such a big difference!

This is one Distress Ink you should keep on hand !

It's called Vintage Photo.

I love that grunge look it took on after I applied the Distree Ink!

I also love these little wooden feet on this star!

This western Cowboy Star Riser is just so adorable !

What a perfect piece for any corner of your home !

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

Here are some links to supplies I used !

Wooden star

You can also pick up a wooden star at Family Dollar too.

Vintage Ink

Cowboy print

Wooden beads

I couldn't find the ones I got they were unavailable

But these work just as well!

Music paper

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