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Grunge pumpkins

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

DIY Primitive Pumpkin

I just love this time of year! All of the warm autumn smells and colors! I believe you can never have enough Pumpkins so here is a fun one I made using a styrofoam pumpkin!

You will need a styrofoam pumpkin which ever size you want . Some yarn and hot glue.

Pick what ever color yarn and thickness you want to use … I used what I had on hand…..

I decided to use orange.

I went ahead and hollowed out a hole on the bottom of the pumpkin.. This way when you start gluing your yarn there is a place to tuck it in …

I then cut out 9 pieces of yarn about 26 inches long.

I used a piece of tape to hold the ends down while I started to braid them .

Braid your pieces you will need serval depending on the thickness of your yarn and the size of your pumpkin…

Start wrapping your pumpkin. I put little glue in the hole then I start wrapping it.

Just continue to make your braids and wrap.

I like to also dap a little glue here and there under the braid to help hold it better in place . I then used a little Moss and a branch for the stem. But before I glued them on I like to make it look old …..

I used Cinnamon and some adhesive spray then I sprinkled it on .

I then added my moss and glued my stem.

I then glued some dried sunflowers that I had dried myself from last year but you can use whatever flowers you want ! I just loved that old look…

For the sparkle effect I sprayed it one more time with the adhesive spray and sprinkled this copper colored glitter!

For the final touch I added a tag I had coffee dyed and wrote Pumpkin on it …

I hope you give this fun project a try you will simply love it!

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