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Super Cute Pumpkin in an Embroidery Hoop!

Updated: Jul 7

This is such a super fun and cute project!

Each season for me always comes with dreamy ideas and I get so excited about creating unique and fun decor!

This was one of them!

supplies you need:

•I used 3 embroidery hoops they were 6 “

•Newsprint tissue paper

•A little raffia



•I downloaded the pumpkin image from Our Recycle Life from her Etsy Shop.

You can get the hoops in a lot of places… I did get mine from Amazon I’ll drop the link ⬇️

The printed tissue paper I usually get from Hobby Lobby..

Here’s a link for some similar tissue paper from Amazon ⬇️

You will need either a glue stick or double sided craft tape to attach the tissue paper to a sheet of regular printer paper .

I have used both and either one works well!

Here’s a link for the double sided tape .⬇️

Once you glue the tissue paper on your printer paper trim it so it’s the same size of your printer paper ..

Only put a little glue on each corner of your tissue paper you just want enough for both papers to hold together when you run it through your printer.

Put your paper with the tissue paper facing up to print.

Get your digital download ready and size it to the size you want …

I played around with it on regular printer paper until I found the size I wanted to use then I put my printed tissue paper sheet in when I was ready to print it ..

Then Bam 💥 you have your face printed!

Take the printer paper off your tissue paper and you are ready to put your Embroidery Hoop on!

Once you put your tissue paper on then you are ready to put the top ring on and tighten.

Be careful when putting your tissue on so it doesn’t tear … although the newspaper print paper is durable just be gentle…

Tighten ring.

Cut off excess paper.

Look how cute!

I like to put a light coat of Mod Podge over it to make it a little more durable.

For a stem I love to use funky and unusual things … This is numbers from a broken clock that I recycled.

This is a stem I dried from green peppers! So you choose what you want to use !

Then make your bow whichever way you would like and that’s it really !

Super cute!

Have fun with these ! The sky is truly the limit with these cuties!

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