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Crushed can decor!

Updated: Apr 15

I love recycling cans !

Here's another fun project you can do with a large can !


•large can (empty paint can , coffee can etc)


• mod Podge

A friend gave me this empty can !

It's actually an empty paint can !

It had barbecue spices in it .... she decided to sell each spice individually so she gave me the can! Yeah!

You can buy empty cans on Amazon here's a link for them !


Because the label was on really well and I knew I was going to paint it and cover it .... I left it on ....

I then went ahead and crushed the bottom !

I have a Vice so I used that but you can also use a hammer ....

I love this Vice .. it's convenient to have and it's not huge so it doesn't take up a lot of room!

Here's one similar


You want the bottom closed tightly!

I then painted it with homemade white chalk paint .. you can use what ever paint you like .

I then picked my napkin I was using and printed my wording on it !

I got the digital download from

Our recycled Life from her Etsy shop !

I then tore the edges of the napkin and then decoupaged it on using my Mod Podge!

Here's the Mod Podge link


Here's the paper ripper these are fun to use it gives you an even rip if you choose to use one !


And that's it how cute are these !

They make perfect gifts !

I hope you give this fun project a try !

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Happy creating!

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