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Vintage looking Container

I love everything that’s grungy and old looking! This is such a fun DIY for you to tackle! It’s quick and easy I truly hope you give this a try! Here‘s what you need.....

• A Tin Can or container of some kind .. I bought this Tin Can from a resale shop ..You can also use a Coffee Can as well. • You also need some Paintable Wallpaper... You can find this at Home Depot or Amazon... Here’s the one I purchased.

•You will need some Acrylic Paint I used Brown you can also you a black.

•You will also need a knob of some kind... Hobby Lobby is an awesome place to find them especially when they are 50% off ...I purchased the one I used from Amazon here’s the link for the ones I purchased....

• Some Hot glue

• You need some Cinnamon and Sealer

Once you gather your supplies you are ready to create your container!

I took my can and held my can on the wallpaper and used a pencil to draw a line where I want to cut my paper.

I cut my paper right above the metal rim on the bottom and right below it on the top so your lid will fit back on....

I started gluing as I was wrapping the paper around the can !

I then decided to use Burnt Umber Brown paint to give it a Grundy look! I added a little water to the paint once I poured some on my paper plate to water it dow some! Then I started brushing it on !

Remember to start light before adding more paint!

I just love the way it came out! Now it’s time to work on the lid!

I did drill a hole in the middle before I started painting it!

I went ahead and painted it brown you don’t have to paint it solid one coat is fine while it’s still wet you can sprinkle the Cinnamon!

At this point I added a generous amount of clear finish sealer! This will make it look Rusty !

You don’t want to brush it on .. you want to tap the Sealer on so the Cinnamon won’t come off while you are adding it on ...

I like letting it dry usually over night to make sure it is nice and dry!

Once dry you can add your knob! That’s it you are done ! How cute is this! I really hope y’all give this a try !

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