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Vintage paper flowers

I enjoy crafting beautiful paper flowers, especially when the process is both easy and enjoyable. Most likely, you already have all the necessary supplies at your fingertips to create these charming vintage paper flowers.

To create these beautiful paper flowers, gather the following supplies:

Supplies you will need

  • Pages from a book

  • Buttons

  • String

  • Hot glue

  • Coffee mixture (made from old coffee or brewed coffee mixed with 1/2 tsp each of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla)

  • Dixie Belle Brown wax or a brown ink pad

I personally prepare a coffee solution and store it in the refrigerator, making it readily available for me to use when I need it.

To begin crafting, I pour the coffee mixture into a container and dip each page one at a time.

I prefer using the frying pan method for browning the paper quickly and easily.

I keep the heat low and attend to each side individually. Never leave it unattended.

I love the look you get .

Here's all my pages

Once the pages are ready, I tear a larger circle for the bottom and a smaller one for the top.

These flowers are remarkably quick to create !

They should look like this .

Using a spot of hot glue, I carefully attach the circles together.

I ran my brown ink pad around the flower, appreciating the unique look it brings.

So pretty!

Buttons play a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of these flowers; my collection includes old glass buttons and regular buttons gathered over time.

After deciding on the arrangement, I glue only the bottom buttons to the flower.

Next, I take a piece of string and thread it through the holes of the top buttons, tying it off before gluing them in place.

I enjoy the visual effect of the thread emerging through the buttonholes.

It should look like this !

So simple and so pretty!

These beautiful flowers make the perfect addition to scrapbooking projects or any space in need of a beautiful touch.

I hope you enjoy this and give them a try

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Happy Crafting!

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