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Whimsical snowman made with a small crate

I love creating fun whimsical snowmen !

This one right here is ranked high on the list !

I do have to thank Stephanie from @thevintagepebble for the inspiration!

Here's my take on this cutie!

Supplies you need.

• Small wooden crate

• Large Tuna Can

• Piece of cardboard

• ribbons, strips of materials

• Paint White, Red ,Orange and Black

• Hot Glue

• Snow Tex

• Diamond Dust Glitter

• Clock hands

• small wooden spools

I picked up my wooden create at Family Dollar.

I cut a piece of cardboard to fit over the crate I left a rim around it .

I used a large Tuna Can for the top of the hat.

I painted my crate White and the can and cardboard Black !

I went ahead and let them all dry !

I then took a little red and painted the cheeks on my crate .

You can use whatever brand of paint you have for all colors used in this project!

I also painted my clock hand Orange .

I then glued the cardboard to the top of my crate . Make sure your opening to your create is face up before you glue it on!

Then I glued my can onto the top of cardboard.

Once my nose was dry I glued it on .

I painted my eyes and gave him some eyebrows!

I then painted his smile !

So cute !

I went ahead and gave the hat and brim a wash of white then I speckled it with and old tooth brush.

I had these wooden snowflakes I picked up at Dollar General and I painted it white .

Then I added a fun ribbon band to his hat .

Once my snowflake was dry I grunged it up with some brown ink .

I added a thinner ribbon around the band .. He's just coming to life !

I added some artificial wintery greenery .

I then glued in my snowflake !

I used 4 small wooden spools for the legs .

I painted them white .

Once they were dry I grunged those also with my brown ink !

I glued them to the bottom . They made perfect legs!

I also added some gold greenery I had too!

I made a bow with the material I had on hand .

It just looks so pretty!

I added some Snow Tex I love ❤️ this stuff!

While it was still wet I sprinkled some Diamond Dust glitter!

Here he is so adorable! I love ❤️ how he came out!

I hope you give this project a try !

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For daily fun projects and inspiration!

Here is a few links of some of the things I used!

Snow Tex

Diamond Dust Glitter

Wooden spools

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