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DIY Heart with tissue paper roses

I love hearts!

This is a beautiful project to create and is very budget-friendly.

It's perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or as a beautiful year-round piece to display all the time.

Supplies you need

• Cardboard

• decorative tile (I got mine from Family Dollar)

• brown paper bag

• hot glue

• decorative tissue paper ( I got mine from Hobby Lobby)

• Jude string

• Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax Brown

• Acrylic white paint

I got my cardboard I actually used the back cover of a large Rubber stamp I had .

I drew out my heart shape .

I made this heart about 8"x8"

I then traced out the same size heart from my tile .

I hot glued it together.

Be careful when gluing together the tile gets a little warm to the touch .

I used my acrylic white metallic paint for this project I love the Pearl effect it gave .

I only gave it one coat because most of it will be covered.

I then cut a smaller heart from my paper bag .

This one was 6"x5".

I cut two one to use for another project.

I then used this fun Love scrapbook paper I got at a Hobby Lobby to cut a smaller heart .

This one was 4"x4".

I also used the handle of the bag as my handle for my heart . It was perfect for it !

It's so pretty already !

I used my tissue paper to make my roses .

Here's a link to another blog I did for the instructions on how to make them .

I did tear the tissue paper instead of cutting it so it gave it a really nice look .

It's so easy and pretty!

I made two roses you can create as many as you want .

I got my Twine and wrapped my heart a few times and gluing the ends down .

I then took my Dixie Belle Brown wax and antiqued my heart . You can add as much or as little that you want .

I love how it looks!

I then made my bow with the twine too!

That's it so beautiful and just so elegant!

A perfect touch in any room!

I hope you get creative and give this a try !

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