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Dragon Fly Sign!

I love Dragon Flies they are so beautiful!

They are so delicate and magical!

Such a beautiful creation that we are so blessed to enjoy flying around us though out the spring and summer months.

I was so thrilled to find this magnificent Dragon fly Rice Paper from Decoupage Central.

That's what sparked creating this awesome sign!

Supplies you will need:

• piece of wood I used a small pallet I purchased from Family Dollar

• small canvas also from Family Dollar

• Dragon Fly Rice paper from Decoupage Central

• print for your background

• Elmers glue or Mod Podge

• Hot glue

• glitter

• embellishments of your choosing

• roses I'll drop the link for how I made those

• scrapbook paper

This project takes a little time but it's well worth it !

I took my glue and spread it on my board and put my scrapbook paper on it .

I chose this design use whatever one you like!

I then sanded the edges off for a nice clean finish.

I then got my canvas and I applied glue again and put my word print on it .

I had already prepared my print ahead of time .

This is the size canvas I used.

I applied a good amount of glue .

Then I applied my print .

I used my ink to grunge it up a bit .

Then glued it to my pallet.

So pretty already .

I got my Dragon fly print and got it ready .

I wet the edge and ripped it down the sides . It make it easier to rip if you wet the edges just a little.

Then I glued it on my canvas. I love that it's transparent.

It looks so pretty!

While it was still wet I sprinkled some fine glitter on it .

I then made my roses.

I'll drop the link for how I made the roses.

I made a simple bow just by criss crossing some pieces of torn material.

I also wanted to attach this pretty key .

I had these beautiful delicate paper dollies that I glued on for a little more embellishment.

They are so pretty!

I then glued my bow on for the finishing touch! This just looks so pretty!

I hope you give this beautiful Dragon fly sign a try !

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Happy creating!

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