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Hen with Eggs sign

If you know me you know that I just love chickens . I have serval of my own along with 4 entertaining ducks!

When I saw this Decoupage Central rice paper print I knew immediately I had to use it.

This project is so quick and easy to create!

I love how it turned out !

I know you will too!

Supplies you will need:

• board or canvas

• print

• Clear Elmer's glue or Mod Podge

• white acrylic paint

• brown acrylic paint

• brown wax

• paint brushes

• sand block or sand paper

• optional iod stamp

• ink pad

• fine glitter

Once you gather your items you are ready to start .

The board that I chose to use I had painted it white a while back so it was nice and dry and ready for me to use .

If you are painting yours let it dry all the way before doing these other steps .

I got my print and I apply water to the edges to tear it off. You can use a water pen for this or a regular brush just add a little water on the edge as to tear .

I always choose this method oppose to cutting with scissors.

Once you are done you will have what looks like this .

It is now ready for you to apply to your board or canvas.

I am using clear Elmer's glue for this step but you can use Mod Podge if you prefer.

Once I glued my print on the board I got my Burnt Umber paint and did a light wash around the edges of my board to grunge it up some .

I just add water to my brown so it's very watery and I have more control how dark I want it to be ,

Remember to start light you can always go darker .

I always love the look it creates.

I used this IOD stamp to lightly add the words to my sign . Again this is totally optional for you .

I also got this stamp at Decoupage Central.

I stamped it on a page so you can see it .

I did this step on my actual chicken print and edges very lightly.

I took my brown wax and added a little more grungy goodness around the edges again.

I love this look it just makes it look like it has aged there for years .

For my finishing touch I sprinkling fine glitter on this sign it just adds that sparkling whimsical look don't you think?

I lightly sprayed the sign with a clear sealer before I sprinkled the glitter.

Here it is ! I love how this quick beautiful and simple sign came out!

I hope you give this beautiful Hen with Eggs sign a try !

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If you love the heart hanging on the wall as well here's the link on how I made that one too.


Happy creating!

Hen with eggs print

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