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Chenille Pumpkin

I just can't get enough Pumpkins!

I love creating them with all sorts of different material from scraps of wood to Chenille bedspreads!

Like this one here!

You can just get creative with it and let your mind sore opening up so many possibilities!

Temperatures this week are in the high 80s to 90s so we are enjoying them very much !

My new saying is any temperature under 100 degrees is Fall Weather! 😂🍂🎃

So let me tell you how I created this beauty!


• Chenille bedspread I bought on EBay

• Hot Glue Tool

• Orange paint

• glitter

• Paper tag

• poly filler or plastic bags

• flowers

And I used whatever else I had handy to embellish my pumpkin!

I purchased this bedspread on eBay for a really reasonably good price !

I drew out the size I wanted my pumpkin to be .

I used a dinner plate for the size when I cut it out I gave it about an inch more around the edge !

I did soak my material in very watered down orange paint !

Then I let it dry .

Once it was dry I did a very simple gathered stitch around the whole pumpkin.

Before I closed it off I used plastic shopping bags to fill it !

I love recycling when I can .

They work great !

Once I had it stuffed I closed the top of my pumpkin making some tight stitches on the top!

I had a knob off of an old curtain rod and I thought it would make a perfect stem!

I hot glued it in place.

It looks so cute already!

I then added a rafia bow .

I had some felt acorns in my stash pile that I thought would make a perfect touch !

I also added one of my roses I made a while back.

Here's the link to how I made them . I love having them made up ahead of time on hand especially for these whimsical projects!

I also added one of my Pumpkin grunge tags

It gave it just the right touch!

Here's a link to those too!

I then used a little spray sealer on the top of my pumpkin and sprinkled a little Diamond Dust Glitter !

Here's a little tip I sometimes use a little hairspray instead of the sealer especially on smaller projects like this it works just as well!

Here's the Diamond Dust I love to use !

There you have it .

It's so pretty perfect for any room in your home !

Make a few and place them in a oblong dough bowl in the middle of your dining room table !

I love the feels that Autum brings and these seasonal projects that I create are alway done with the love I have for this beautiful season ahead!

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